Alumni Relations

The Office of Alumni Relations nurtures lifelong, mutually beneficial relationships with alumni, parents, friends, and organizations that will pave the way for increased volunteer engagement and philanthropic support for the University.

Working in tandem with the Alumni Association, the Office of Alumni Relations aims to bring together the university and its 6,320 alumni through a variety of formal and informal programs, including the alumni representatives program, shared interest groups, social gatherings, special events, local engagement opportunities and travel programs among many other initiatives.

The Office of Alumni Relations and the Alumni Association work hand in hand to promote a close relationship between the alumni and the University by fostering a spirit of loyalty among Koç University graduates. All programs are distinctively tailored to suit the needs of the alumni and are intended to establish the necessary grounds for:

Forging lifelong connections among alumni;
Fostering strong connections between alumni and the university;
Mentoring future generations of students and alumni;
Cultivating career development and personal interests for the alumni;
Leading alumni groups and communities to make a difference for the university and in the lives of others.

In order to ensure that we stay connected, please make sure that your contact information is regularly updated in our database.  Gunes Ingin (Psychology '03), who leads the Office of Alumni Relations, is ready to assist you with our alumni engagement programs. 

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