Alumni Representative Programs

Class/Year  Representatives Program:
The Class Representatives Program aims to strengthen the bonds between the University and its graduates by assigning agents for each class/year. The program is developed to promote on-going class involvement among alumni and create opportunities for peer-to-peer support.

Corporate Alumni Representatives Program:
Through the Koç University Corporate Representation program, the Office of Alumni Relations aims to have the graduates represent Koç University in their work places. The program will encourage, establishing and maintaining relationships between the university and corporations while fostering communication and solidarity among Koç alumni co-workers.  Firms and corporations with three or more Koç University graduates will participate in the Corporate Alumni Representatives Program. By participating in the program, alumni will build relationships and foster a spirit among fellow graduates, and contribute to the university’s growing relationship with their respective company. Companies benefit from the program by enhancing their visibility at Koç University and increasing their recruitment profile with some of the best students in the country.


Overseas Alumni Representatives Program (Overseas Liaisons) and Regional Clubs:
The Overseas Alumni Representatives Program aims to strengthen the University’s bonds with alumni living overseas. Through alumni groups that are scattered across regional locations, the Office of Alumni Relations plans to establish global efforts towards fostering alumni spirit in various parts of the world. Overseas liaisons and club chairs will be responsible for providing support to the members of the Koç University community in their respective regions, and foster communications among graduates by organizing social gatherings. Overseas liaisons will actively engage in the formation of regional clubs and chapters.

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